He noticed my love for the yellow roses and gave me a bunch the next day.
Somehow, I was always thinking of the one in the shop window, and I thought it was not as clear as that one.
One day, I asked him nifty, "do you really love me?" In fact, as long as he tells a "love" word, I am satisfied, but he not only says "love", but he speaks a lot of love reasons, listen and listen, I am absent-minded.
It doesn't need much! People sometimes really don't have to get or hear a lot. A flower, a leaf of green leaves, a smile of the heart, a wisp of tenderness, a little heart, a caring greeting, a pity of sympathy, can make us like a taste of tea, like the alcohol.
As long as I am overdrawn, a pair of warm hand extended to me, I can help out of the difficulty with this help;
As long as I am in distress, there is a good and understanding friend by my side, I can spit out all things to find the comfort of the heart;
As long as I am sad, there is a faint light in the sky, which can light up my confused eyes. Don't ask too much -- to friends, to love, especially to life. Do you remember? How we used to focus on design and wonderful future, how we were traced and colorful future, however, even though we are so stubborn, pious, so tough to wait, but in our life totally did not expect another present in front of face.
Don't have to think too much! As long as we live each moment seriously, we live seriously.