A village will not be like a city, surrounded by high walls, and the city gates, apart from the spring flowers and autumn months, also have the idle clouds, the people passing the car too long. Look up again at the battlements of a few red lights, a few tuft of winter wind, a few similar back shadow, you can not be too lonely. Because there is also a silk - like moat, a city of complaints to carry you to remote villages.
The countryside may be born with some kind of contract with you, and when you are born with a dog and a dog, you can't reduce the expectations of a man from the land. They take care of your waist like a tomato plant and nurture your future. Even grandparents hope they put a lifetime as a lever, end to the clouds on the bird wings, and with the hope of life make you into a circle, with this in the form of segmentation to climb higher latitude, to the faint stars, the moon's radiance arms, this pair of above time and space and battlefield change with the bright spot of light, light of lava, the warmth of the light, and light of life.
One city is half old and the other half is new. When the crane tower rotate and helmet, when a pile of black template vertical rising off the ground, and eventually returned to the ground in the kiss with concrete, means that the rise and prosperity of the era of the city. When buildings springing up, orange's new suit spewed smoke turn to the sky, on the other side of the large excavator for the city's past alms to rise, the excavator held high vibration hammer, the city began to cough, and the rhythm of the moan. On top of the chariot track, the city breaks down and breaks down to reveal the bones of his veins.
However, it is also an era of painful prosperity, and the disappearance and birth of the same is new. The new aircraft carrier is piling up and reproducing in the old house. This meant that the city was removing the old ornaments that would represent backward and decaying, being pushed aside by the great hands of The Times.
You, in this city, have to re-examine the past. When the fingerprint application software virtual currency and tension simultaneously, thousands of scientists and scholars elite, creating a kaleidoscope of bean have to tread, they use a popular type of eyeball extrusion littered your nervous hair, such as onion garlic's children are the moss fu, old young is to fulfill children's feet, you have to feel the world vicissitudes of life, and night wind was cool.
So, your cat is on the waist, walking from the center of the city to the square, and from the water column of the square to the wall. You may be bleary-eyed, maybe the wind is blowing snow, and you just look up at the tower. The city wall has just received a beautiful snow, a little thick, a little soft. Only she, the thousands of miles of the mountains into silver, the point of ice sculpture jade. In it, you chew the wind carefully so that you can pour your cool into the mind city. You linger in the old car's mouth of the mouth of Malone, think of the youth of the young, splashing the magnificent song, inlay the bees butterfly spray. Again, the country bright moon gurgling, the big red rooster imposing. She will be a young woman, and she will be the first to sing.
So, in a variety of ways, you resurvey the town, including the stone, including the feet of the goose and the goose. You're not afraid of being slow, you're afraid of the walls and the black barbed wire, you need the courage to need the sword, and you need a fast horse and never look back.
Yes, the mottled luan is as old as the sunset, and it is a love that you shave off the old city's hair and go on the journey of youthful attachment without regret.