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A soul mate is never to be found

Le 30 July 2018, 10:15 dans Humeurs 0

Perhaps the material world is overflowing and people are getting lonely. Maybe the reality is too extensive, people are more and more pursuing simple and indifferent, maybe the utilitarian people and things are too empty to be used to, so many people in the deep soul long for a confidant.

Bosom friend is not bosom friend, bosom friend only wants to walk into the other party spirit world to be good rental serviced apartment, and bosom friend is like to meet another oneself in the person to come and go. Listen with your heart, listen with your heart, understand with your heart, and listen with your soul to the music.

Man desire confidante, unload all burdens in front of her, as if to a bay hydrostatic, a crescent moon, a sad dream, one is slowly pour out, one is listening quietly, as if a poem is the best in the world, good and holy. For example, in Shanghai beach, xu wenqiang met fang yanyun and was more affectionate than his friends and loved ones.

Women desire soulmate, before he forget earthly tired and tired virtual office mongkok, as if returned to marry, the size of clear water gives lotus, the buds early green, got appreciation and praise, with confidence and vigor. Hepburn, a famous actress, was married seven times in her life and died at the hands of a close friend.

There is an old saying: "the world is full of acquaintances, and there are a few who know each other." "Life is enough to have a confidant," the article said.

Xu zhimo poetry: "I am lucky to get it, not my life"

The scarcity of things is valuable Grad Din, precisely because it is difficult to find a bosom friend, so, it is often a pity to meet a soul friend. Therefore, it makes people more eager and eager.

"Vulgar" people will not have confidants, small people tend to benefit, will never understand the height of confidants;

"Impetuous" people will not meet confidant, because, the sea of people, has lost their own, how to ask for confidant.

"Shallow" people will not retain their confidants, even if they meet or stay.

"A scholar dies for his own sake" not only emphasizes the nobleness of a confidant, but also explains that without such courage and persistence, the word "bosom friend" will be out of reach forever.

A soul mate is never to be found. Or this life, or this next life. Either way ahead or far away. Or forever. Or perhaps it was "suddenly looking back, the man was in a dim light."

The charm of lotus flowers

Le 30 July 2018, 09:01 dans Humeurs 0

Pieces of floating yu hong lotus flowers, bloom in the summer a hot season, in the full lotus pond, it radiates a wipes mountain water long thick acacia charm, let a person find the scenery pleasing to both the, readily intoxication.

When I was walking quietly by the pond, looking at the lotus flowers with red flowers and green leaves, my heart was deeply affected by the beautiful and fragrant flowers. Silently watch its side, the heart can no longer contain the smell of other flowers, only in this hot season can also experience a wisp of lotus gradually flowing romantic charm. In the time when the season bestows the fragrance of flowers, only the fragrance of lotus charm can express the feeling of caring for each other beyond thousands of mountains and rivers. Beside a vast and empty pond, and the sky so blue and so deep and so far away in summer, there is a magnificent and vast landscape with flowers and leaves.

In sorching summer, occasionally to listen to the rush of birds bee butterfly whisper of shallow sing over the sky, leave the beautiful expression of a note, seven string unvoiced rhythm, slashed a summer morning sky; Lingering in the ups and downs of the echo, accompanied by the scent of lotus charm, it seems to render a beautiful summer corner of the beautiful, clear and fragrant beautiful scenery.

Watching pond pieces of red, yellow, set each other off of the blossom on the lotus leaf, lotus leaf in the summer breeze have not shake off some like glittering and translucent dewdrop, I saw vaguely in the distant place, you come to me in slowly warm dress socks waving fragrance and graceful.

In the pond, lotus flowers waving in the wind seemed to be watching me in silence. Flowers bloom in the dance stretch, delicate and charming enchanting patches of green branches and leaves, I also like to see in your smile, all exhibit a Dutch charm of flowers dancing - like from thousands of miles away with a sweet acacia and dense fragrance beautiful dreams and hopes, with a heart of joy and warm blessings, fill in the pond that pieces of dye brilliant season scenery of rhyme aroma.

In the deep emotion picture scroll, I can see it faintly. The lotus flower is the lovesickness flower that contains a thread of tender affection. It can be in the summer rain in the wind in the wind blowing out a blast of thick incense, quietly proud of the changes in life; In the summer sun and rain, it grows tenaciously, and confides in secret the delicate fragrance of the season. A lonely, helpless, plain, all sweet pain quietly endure the flowers, in my lovesickness of the heart slowly intoxicated. Quietly appreciate the fragrance of lotus flowing in the pond, a feeling of lovesickness arises spontaneously without knowing it! However, it grows quietly in the pond, only lonely and happy, only helpless and strong, only sentimentally attached and indifferent, only fond and mellow.

When my heart have been covered with a thick flavor, as if into the magnet, my missing feelings like a cascading the mustang, gradually in the space of the soul of floats fragrant lotus sprouting a worship and appreciate the mood, from a distant land where swimming slowly in the lotus flower in full bloom...

Pieces of colorful

Le 13 June 2018, 06:11 dans Humeurs 0

Mexican symbols have always seemed cactus and big straw hats, as seen in the stands of the World Cup. Entered the city, however, you will find your own eyes and mind are not enough - it fixed symbols are too simple, and Mexico City is magnificent and dazzling, like a piece of constantly changing combination of rubik's cube.

For many Latin American writers business start up hong kong, Mexico City must be a special place. - as the junction of Europe and the United States and Latin America, and itself has the economic and cultural status in Latin America, it not only created the great Mexican writer, there are many more Latin American writer to stay here, permanent.

My trip to Mexico City has a full schedule and not much free time. However, I made a quick trip to the museums and parks I wanted to go to, as well as to a few literary landmarks that were important to me.

The locust hill. A mouthful, this is Latin America's largest city park. There is a lake, a castle, a zoo, and little squirrels running across the grass in the park. This is what roberto bolano's book is all about.

The Chilean writer was born in a small Chilean town, but his youth began when his family moved to Mexico City. He plays truant from school to read and write his favorite books, enjoys the "sadistic" pleasure of reading and writing, and even keeps a secret track of his admired writers. He must have been inspired by his famous novel, "the revenant detective," about two poor poets who travel from Mexico to other parts of the world to live on the road apartments hk.

Next to the park is the national museum of anthropology, the best museum I've ever visited in Latin America. A large number of Indian cultural relics are of great beauty. The sunstone, the inspiration for the long poem of the same name by the Nobel prize-winning Mexican poet octavio paz, is also here. This is the Aztec circular stone calendar found in Mexico City's central plaza in 1790, carved from a block of basalt. It is 3.58 meters in diameter and weighs 24 tons. Standing in front of this ancient, mysterious rock known as the "symbol of Mexico," the confusion and trance of reading "the sun-stone" seemed to have finally come to fruition.

I also remembered a poet (who forgot) who said that I had three "sunstones," one for reading, one for rereading, and one for my funeral."

Our bus passes downtown constitution square. Around it, the Supreme Court's cathedral and upright, modern skyscrapers of Latin American style, with fashionable elegant mexicans as New York's fifth avenue, the rich are gathered in the square is full of sunshine of idle people to fly kites. An all-conquering fortuneteller holding smoky incense burner, holding a feather duster for a young woman exorcism, men and women in traditional costumes in the intermittent drum dancing curvet, beside the road are bumps in the procession WSET awards, waving the red flag with sickle and che guevara faces... I thought of Garcia marquez, who might have turned a corner like this, and the famous beginning of "one hundred years of solitude" burst into my mind:

Years later, standing in front of the firing squad, colonel aureliano buendia must have remembered the distant afternoon when his father took him to see the ice. At that time macondo was a village twenty families, imaging whole solid houses built on the Banks of the river, the river clear, along the river flow around the stone, the stone in the river, smooth and white as prehistoric dome...

Marquez lived in Mexico City until his death. He has read an interview in which his house is at the intersection of water street and fire street (the street names of mohitown are interesting). In the verdant courtyard of a small wooden house, is his writing room, the vase often inserts a bunch of yellow flowers, he believes that yellow flowers will bring good luck and inspiration to people..

After searching on the map, I was not familiar with the subway, so I had to take a taxi. Finally, I was better than the long-cherished wish. That is a rich area, a beautiful time sense of the second floor of a beautiful building, actually still living people, I do not know is the master's family living in it, or has been sold?

I stood in silence at the door for a long time. I hesitated for a long time to knock at the door. Then he turned around and left. I don't think anyone would want to be disturbed in this way.

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