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Revisiting the lake

Le 12 janvier 2018, 04:31 dans Humeurs 0

When I was riding my bike with my fellow travelers, I was on my way to liangzi lake, and the fairyland of the old blue sky was constantly circling in my mind. Yes, liangzi lake, I haven't seen you for more than ten years!
The last time I was on my bike, I was still riding my bike, and I was on my way to liangzi island. Along the way Sage 300 support, sometimes walking on the mountain road, listening to the songtao bursts, smelling the trees to give off the rosin, very intoxicated; Sometimes walking by the lake, see the blue lotus red flower, like the fairy pavilion stand on a lake of green water, the wind blowing, graceful to the. Although they "can play how far view and not to use", but "XiangYuan yi qing", so that some people you can't resist, more white foggy, between heaven and earth, I think, jade pool longitudinal heaven so much!!!! No wonder friends sigh: is there a fairyland?
Remember liangzi pier, the boat is coming. Sitting on the boat, watching the lake, the gulls fly, the boat leisurely swim, the fisherman's song from time to time fly into the eardrum. In the bustling streets of juji, the sound of the voice, the thick local dialect, constantly hit my heart. Still remember the park, see the blue sky and white clouds, listen to the waves to the shore, find their own fun. Yes, a paradise on earth!
After more than ten years, there is no chance to see your immortal, liangzi lake, are you still so pure and moving?
The car had just passed the cow's stone and the road was pockmarked. Lifted up his eyes, and looked, and gradually after the vehicle Huang Chen sky, originally this weather is very hot in August, now into this Huang Chen, suffocation, perhaps is the only feeling, ah, liangzi lake, what's the matter with you? Do you blame me for many years?
Accelerate, only such a thought in my head, perhaps, after besmear town, came to the lake, the "infinite blue day lotus plants, video on lotus another red", before the eyes of the sea will be of fragrant air, deep breath the bitterness is gone!
Helpless, the road is more and more difficult to walk, full of gravel, full of potholes, it almost shook my determination to move forward. A friend of the same profession joked: "what about your fairyland? How did I see all that dust?" Another friend quickly said: "you know what, this is called 'don't go through the wind and rain, how can we see the rainbow', we want to 'wear the line gradually and not regret, for the sake of the people haggard' ah!" I smiled bitterly. "so, is the beauty so easy to see?"
After the public friend, came to the old pine forest. Cool and refreshing, and come in the wind, I am greedy to take a breath of quiet MD Senses, yue: "liangzi lake, you have a bit of old look!"
Bumpy, through the town, a section of the downhill, we sent to the pool side. The lotus leaf is still dancing in the wind, the lotus flower reveals her face to the full, yes, the fairy is not old, her charm is still, isn't it?
Not far ahead is languishing island, I succumb to inner joy, sped up, to be honest, I really want to see early liangzi lake, the goddess in my heart, you are still the old appearance?
Near liangzi island, a wall, a steel door blocked the way.
What's the matter? Isn't it allowed to go? Look up, "liang zihu golf holiday center", a huge plaque hanging nearby. When I asked, I knew that my boss had bought all of them and opened a golf course, so that no one else would go in. What's going on here? Isn't this the only way to the pier? You don't let in. How do we get to liangzi island? I asked the doorman, who said, "this is a private company that doesn't allow outsiders to enter." "So what do we do when we get to the island?" "What do you think?" "But there is always a way here, and you can't help walking without buying it!" "If anyone goes in, what image does the company have? You should go the other way! The doorman waved and asked us to leave.
It looks hard, but it's soft. "Eldest brother, listen to your accent, be too and person! I'm the one who painted the town. This is my friend. We're going to the island. He handed him a pack of cigarettes. He listens to me to say the local dialect is quite a tunnel, think, say: "that good, you do not do damage, register, early go to early return!" "Good! Thank you, big brother! I entered the gate at the gate and went straight to the dock.
Is the dock still as busy as before? Is it a sea of people? I rushed to the front and reached the dock.
Standing at the dock, where is the shadow of the boat? The lake wind bursts, the waves crashing. Looking at the nearby liangzi island (about 200 meters in a straight line), we sigh, it is really hard to be a hero! Helpless, had to stand on the lake to blow the wind, see the lake, the lake birds fly!
Suddenly, we saw a canoe pass by, and we stood by the lake and waved and shouted, "hello! Hello!" The canoe clearly heard our cries, slowed down, turned around and came to us. There is no way out.
The boat went to the dock and went off to a young man in his thirties. "to the island?" I said, "yes, take us. How much! "Well! I'll take a little less. How about 30 yuan per person HIFU 瘦身? "Thirty dollars per person? Too expensive! Then there was the boat. At that time, the two sides of the ship to open, fifty cents a person, sightseeing, grateful people in a continuous stream, voice sound, mutual greetings, happy!
"No, no, no, I'm sailing!" He began to walk on the ship. There was no way, we had to go on board, just a few minutes, and we landed! Sigh 30 yuan to this value!
As soon as they were going ashore, some young men stopped the way. "Tickets! Every thirty! "Tickets to the island? Don't all the people who come to the market buy tickets?" I'm surprised that there are no tickets available on the island! "This is the country four A pole scenic spot, why not accept the ticket? There is no free scenery!" The young man was so good that we had to pull out thirty dollars each.
Through strange and familiar alleys, we came into the street. Ah! And the hustle and bustle of people? No! Only the empty streets. Occasionally, a few fish stand on the roadside, lonely, not a little angry.
Forget it. Go to the park. Come to the park, the weeds are overgrown, clearly a wilderness! This is the national four A scenic spot? It's 30 yuan for this? I'm a little resentful! What about your prosperity, liangzi lake? What about your excitement? O goddess of my heart, how you have been!
Mope back, pass the fish stall, all right, buy some fish to go back! Don't come for nothing! A small dry fish is not bad, ask price, 25 yuan a kilo. I think the price is reasonable! So one man bought a kilo, but in the hand, light. At that time also did not care, return home wife a say, just a little more than 50! Well, this is the world of people!
Return to the dock, and no boat across the lake, so each of us spend another 30 yuan, rent a boat to send us to the past!
The friend complains, "you have been cheated by your fairy girl! This is no longer a wonderland!
I have no language. Return to xuqiao, walk on the roadside rest! It happened that several old farmers were under the tree. I used to talk to them. Ask "old man, this road is so bad to walk, no one repair?" "Don't mention it, it hasn't been repaired for many years! Rainy day in mud, a grey day!" "Now why isn't there anyone in liang zi island?" "In order to attract investment, the government has sold the docks, and there are fewer people going there! In addition, all the people on the island looked at the money, and it had changed. Who would want to go?
Walking this bumpy road, I don't know what else to say! Who killed my goddess? Who destroyed the paradise on earth?

A man and a city

Le 12 janvier 2018, 04:09 dans Humeurs 0

A village will not be like a city, surrounded by high walls, and the city gates, apart from the spring flowers and autumn months, also have the idle clouds, the people passing the car too long. Look up again at the battlements of a few red lights, a few tuft of winter wind, a few similar back shadow, you can not be too lonely. Because there is also a silk - like moat, a city of complaints to carry you to remote villages.
The countryside may be born with some kind of contract with you, and when you are born with a dog and a dog, you can't reduce the expectations of a man from the land. They take care of your waist like a tomato plant and nurture your future. Even grandparents hope they put a lifetime as a lever, end to the clouds on the bird wings, and with the hope of life make you into a circle, with this in the form of segmentation to climb higher latitude, to the faint stars, the moon's radiance arms, this pair of above time and space and battlefield change with the bright spot of light, light of lava, the warmth of the light, and light of life.
One city is half old and the other half is new. When the crane tower rotate and helmet, when a pile of black template vertical rising off the ground, and eventually returned to the ground in the kiss with concrete, means that the rise and prosperity of the era of the city. When buildings springing up, orange's new suit spewed smoke turn to the sky, on the other side of the large excavator for the city's past alms to rise, the excavator held high vibration hammer, the city began to cough, and the rhythm of the moan. On top of the chariot track, the city breaks down and breaks down to reveal the bones of his veins.
However, it is also an era of painful prosperity, and the disappearance and birth of the same is new. The new aircraft carrier is piling up and reproducing in the old house. This meant that the city was removing the old ornaments that would represent backward and decaying, being pushed aside by the great hands of The Times.
You, in this city, have to re-examine the past. When the fingerprint application software virtual currency and tension simultaneously, thousands of scientists and scholars elite, creating a kaleidoscope of bean have to tread, they use a popular type of eyeball extrusion littered your nervous hair, such as onion garlic's children are the moss fu, old young is to fulfill children's feet, you have to feel the world vicissitudes of life, and night wind was cool.
So, your cat is on the waist, walking from the center of the city to the square, and from the water column of the square to the wall. You may be bleary-eyed, maybe the wind is blowing snow, and you just look up at the tower. The city wall has just received a beautiful snow, a little thick, a little soft. Only she, the thousands of miles of the mountains into silver, the point of ice sculpture jade. In it, you chew the wind carefully so that you can pour your cool into the mind city. You linger in the old car's mouth of the mouth of Malone, think of the youth of the young, splashing the magnificent song, inlay the bees butterfly spray. Again, the country bright moon gurgling, the big red rooster imposing. She will be a young woman, and she will be the first to sing.
So, in a variety of ways, you resurvey the town, including the stone, including the feet of the goose and the goose. You're not afraid of being slow, you're afraid of the walls and the black barbed wire, you need the courage to need the sword, and you need a fast horse and never look back.
Yes, the mottled luan is as old as the sunset, and it is a love that you shave off the old city's hair and go on the journey of youthful attachment without regret.

Life is an ode to a beautiful and falling down

Le 3 janvier 2018, 08:00 dans Humeurs 0

The bottom of the lane
Lane bottom lived a little girl also didn't go to school, because face special red, let a person could recognize her facial features are like her, of course, before that she is a geometric features beautiful, but let a person remember, only that a little face red.
I wonder if she had any parents, except that she lived with her grandmother, who was surprisingly ugly, and apparently, not because she was old. She had hardly a nose, and her mouth was crooked, and if her eyes were only dim hk serviced apartment, her eyes were so wicked.
She people short, walk with your feet look fork legs is an eyesore, I also don't know how she is, she has a fast life walk, is always one foot to the east, one foot toward the west.
What she did on that day, I don't know, it was as if she was always making a fire, using an old stove, and putting it in the wind at the door, the fan in the cleft, and the incantation of the mouth. Her a piece of wrinkled face dimly separate after a smokescreen, but a pair of critical exposure to direct gashed broken smoke, in the cold wet rainy evening, the pedestrians will suddenly thought he has walked into the evil yellow fog, beside a poison dysentery four teng swamp.
They just live from day to day illegal buildings in the bottom of a lane, day after day, the little girl's red cheeks bloom, day after day, the old woman's face is like the winter dry breezed chicken dry shrinkage, furnace, day after day like a magic cylinder mouth took the denial of smoke.
Isn't it life? Some childish beauty, some shocking ugliness master of chinese medicine hong kong, in a kind of dungeon of the undivided and everlasting posture of a deep end of the lane.
Waxy car
At what time, by whom, made up "nom", "chi" two words.
There was an ancient poet who ate the "cake" of the double ninth festival, but did not dare to put the "cake" into the poem.
"The book of songs doesn't use the word 'cake'," he said. "how can I put the 'cake' in the poem
Go to?"
The orthodox literati have a funny and respectable persistence.
But the people, however, did not care, and when they were pleased, they made words, and they clearly understood the sound
The principle of the word "will".
I like "waxy " this two word, seems to have a sense of the original hair SanSan. I like "sticky mochi", though
But its good taste is a kind of uncharacteristic delicious.
I like the waxy mochi, and I can't describe how the soft, sweet, greasy little car sells joy to the children. Nom mochi seems to sell only to children, and sometimes to old people - only to end up in the children's hands.
I really like rhythm of waxy  car, or do not know why, all delicious  car with this line of their own music myob support, just like knock plate of the umbrella and also sell wonton knock bowl, sell sweet potato shaking bamboo tube, is equipped with a single high aesthetic feeling and rough. Of waxy  car "instrument" is a wheel, the wheels turn the place with a on the two bar, to touch each other's "empty", "empty" is used to symbolize a kind of ancient music thrash rice. The well-heeled peddler, with his sack doll on the two iron bars, the hero and beauty of the story, came to life with the wheel.
The hardcore takes turns at a different speed, but it's about a second a second, or four. This one rises and goes down; That rise, this one goes down. And also can not say the ups and downs, always in the palm of the big world. The sinking of a palm, the rise of the same.
After going along with the glutinous moche, you'll end up feeling a shudder of fear. Old rusty iron hanging on some well-known and unknown Kings and princes, some exist or not exist empresses beauty, to be a ruthless speed literature.therefore, in the vast crowd repeats is no respectively between generation and generation blows on the face of the fall of the fate, isn't that is your life? In the most simple rhythm, the "fierce", "ji", "regret" and "blame" are reflected in the words of the fortuneteller. Between ticks, a lot of life and death has been completed.
Whenever I see a glutinous-moche, I can't help but look at it.
Who eat the orange
In the afternoon of winter, the sun was hanging over the earth with an air of indifference, like some of the eyes that had been burning for a summer, but now it was forgotten.
There was an old man sitting on the sidewalk, as if he had jumped out of the circle of his feet, and he sat blandly in a faint sunlight.
The old man bowed his head, and with a knife was cutting the orange peel. It was the orange of the "tangerine". The skin was very loose, and he could easily peel it away with his hand, but he did not know why he was doing it with a knife, like a stonemason.
He would take four strokes of each of the oranges, and then he would tear them apart with a knife, and the skin of the orange would be the flower of a cross in his hand. He took off the whole of the orange meat, carefully removed it, ate it slowly, and finished it. Then he took another one slowly and patiently, and repeated all the formalities patiently.
That afternoon, he ate a petal of tangerine like that, and stopped in an incredible silence.
Isn't it life? The sun cut the four seasons, the four seasons cut the old man, and the old man cut the tangerine tangerine without a word. Thought the old man winter seems to last forever, it seems that he was still sitting on the corner of the dusty, meticulously, in the spirit of a metaphysician need standard, fine taste the mysterious golden orange juice spilled of rising.

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