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Pieces of colorful

Le 13 juin 2018, 06:11 dans Humeurs 0

Mexican symbols have always seemed cactus and big straw hats, as seen in the stands of the World Cup. Entered the city, however, you will find your own eyes and mind are not enough - it fixed symbols are too simple, and Mexico City is magnificent and dazzling, like a piece of constantly changing combination of rubik's cube.

For many Latin American writers business start up hong kong, Mexico City must be a special place. - as the junction of Europe and the United States and Latin America, and itself has the economic and cultural status in Latin America, it not only created the great Mexican writer, there are many more Latin American writer to stay here, permanent.

My trip to Mexico City has a full schedule and not much free time. However, I made a quick trip to the museums and parks I wanted to go to, as well as to a few literary landmarks that were important to me.

The locust hill. A mouthful, this is Latin America's largest city park. There is a lake, a castle, a zoo, and little squirrels running across the grass in the park. This is what roberto bolano's book is all about.

The Chilean writer was born in a small Chilean town, but his youth began when his family moved to Mexico City. He plays truant from school to read and write his favorite books, enjoys the "sadistic" pleasure of reading and writing, and even keeps a secret track of his admired writers. He must have been inspired by his famous novel, "the revenant detective," about two poor poets who travel from Mexico to other parts of the world to live on the road apartments hk.

Next to the park is the national museum of anthropology, the best museum I've ever visited in Latin America. A large number of Indian cultural relics are of great beauty. The sunstone, the inspiration for the long poem of the same name by the Nobel prize-winning Mexican poet octavio paz, is also here. This is the Aztec circular stone calendar found in Mexico City's central plaza in 1790, carved from a block of basalt. It is 3.58 meters in diameter and weighs 24 tons. Standing in front of this ancient, mysterious rock known as the "symbol of Mexico," the confusion and trance of reading "the sun-stone" seemed to have finally come to fruition.

I also remembered a poet (who forgot) who said that I had three "sunstones," one for reading, one for rereading, and one for my funeral."

Our bus passes downtown constitution square. Around it, the Supreme Court's cathedral and upright, modern skyscrapers of Latin American style, with fashionable elegant mexicans as New York's fifth avenue, the rich are gathered in the square is full of sunshine of idle people to fly kites. An all-conquering fortuneteller holding smoky incense burner, holding a feather duster for a young woman exorcism, men and women in traditional costumes in the intermittent drum dancing curvet, beside the road are bumps in the procession WSET awards, waving the red flag with sickle and che guevara faces... I thought of Garcia marquez, who might have turned a corner like this, and the famous beginning of "one hundred years of solitude" burst into my mind:

Years later, standing in front of the firing squad, colonel aureliano buendia must have remembered the distant afternoon when his father took him to see the ice. At that time macondo was a village twenty families, imaging whole solid houses built on the Banks of the river, the river clear, along the river flow around the stone, the stone in the river, smooth and white as prehistoric dome...

Marquez lived in Mexico City until his death. He has read an interview in which his house is at the intersection of water street and fire street (the street names of mohitown are interesting). In the verdant courtyard of a small wooden house, is his writing room, the vase often inserts a bunch of yellow flowers, he believes that yellow flowers will bring good luck and inspiration to people..

After searching on the map, I was not familiar with the subway, so I had to take a taxi. Finally, I was better than the long-cherished wish. That is a rich area, a beautiful time sense of the second floor of a beautiful building, actually still living people, I do not know is the master's family living in it, or has been sold?

I stood in silence at the door for a long time. I hesitated for a long time to knock at the door. Then he turned around and left. I don't think anyone would want to be disturbed in this way.

Be kind to others in prosperity and yourself in adversity

Le 13 juin 2018, 05:52 dans Humeurs 0

In life, we should learn to be kind to others and ourselves. Being kind to others can make life go further. By being kind to yourself, you can make your life moist. No matter who you are kind to, in fact, it's all warmth that flows, it's all love that goes on and on.

In good times, try to be kind to others. To show peace to oneself; To reach and show courtesy to others; He who loves himself is quiet. Even if it's not that high, at least it's not boastful, ostentatious, or ostentatious. Kindness, sometimes, is a kind gesture, a gentle attitude.

Being broad-minded doesn't mean you can pretend to be a few of yourself, but how many others you can hold. It must be the kindest heart in the world to spin a horse and accept countless others. Kindness, in essence, is a kind of pain. Of course, a person, who has hurt others, will also be hurt by the world.

In times of adversity, be kind to yourself. Everyone will meet with difficulties, and everyone will meet with difficulties. Life is a long river. But no matter what happens, remember: if no one in this world CARES about you, you should cherish yourself. Yes, if you can understand that you are always good to yourself, life will never fail.

To be kind to yourself is to learn to forgive and not to dwell on your past mistakes. It is to learn to take a step back and not to struggle with unattainable desires. How much you can forgive and how much you can return is, in fact, how much you have been kind to yourself.

To be kind to yourself is to make peace with yourself. If a man will not be angry with himself and let himself be free everywhere, he will set his heart in the wilderness and set it free. When the mind is loose, it is the greatest that does not mistreat itself.

Rural life is full of love

Le 24 mai 2018, 11:04 dans Humeurs 0

I was born in the countryside and grew up in the countryside. After graduating from high school, and left me to raise my place, from serving as a soldier to be transferred to civilian work place to work, wandering outside the more than 40 years, idle away one's, unconsciously, has entered the aging.

With the growth of age and the passage of time, nostalgia and homesickness arise spontaneously. A few years ago, I carefully designed and planned the yard of my hometown, catching up with the soil and fertilizer, leveling the ground, pouring water, cleaning up the ground to be able to grow vegetables, can plant trees hong kong Company Formation, can raise flowers standards. Planted pear tree, hawthorn, apple, apricot, jujube, grape and other fruit trees, planted various seasonal vegetables. They also built chicken coops and raised egg-laying chickens.

The season that arrives spring warm flower opens, appreciation is rural scenery, birdsong is sweet, green fragrant feeling, the mood is special comfortable.

In the process of labor, I also learned and summarized some practices of planting and managing fruit trees, and I would like to share with you. Under normal circumstances, fruit trees from germination, flowering, fruit to the process of eating to fruit, need to carefully observe, scientific management, careful care. Otherwise, it is not easy to eat fruit. Now the environment and climate are fickle and fruit trees are prone to pests and diseases.

Kinds of fruit trees in my years experience, fruit tree in winter pruning is one of the important link of scientific management, the main clip formula is: I use cut cut, not cut don't cut in, cut cut thick not thin, also do not cut branch. When the fruit trees are in bloom, it is better not to water, so as not to urge the flowers to fall early, reduce the fruit rate, and so on after the steady fruit watering is more appropriate. There is a very important link, must grasp well, that is before the plant diseases and insect pests of fruit tree has not occurred, a good preventive medicine, prevent diseases and insect pests found, not in time caused the blossom damage and production. Wait until the fruit is set, even timely bagging protection. What I have said is not necessarily completely correct, but it will play an effective role, just for reference. Also can combine own actual situation, make further discussion and research register a company in HK.

Last year my two grapes, begin to do a lot of grapes, growing very strong also, really overjoyed, happy, family, and friends and family are waiting for, looking forward to eat pollution-free grapes. However, due to the early cutting of the drug, I want to let the grapes naturally grow and mature, and delicious green grapes. Let I didn't expect that double mold grew grapes, grape leaves change from green to yellow to the fallen leaves, because lost the photosynthesis, two grapes all rot, hard rectified and wait, you pay for the particles not reap, let my family and relatives and friends of hope turned into disappointment.

I think, also not necessarily right, air pollution, not only will influence human survival and development, affect people's health and quality of life, can also affect the biology and plant survival and development. If organisms and plants are unhygienic, people will get sick if they eat them, which is the role of the biological chain. Therefore, great attention should be paid to protecting the environment, and the important instruction of general secretary of internship that "green water and green mountains are golden mountain and silver mountain" should be strictly followed. From now on, start from oneself, start from bit by bit, make own effort for protecting the natural ecological environment, benefit for future generations, make more contribution!

And then, when we go to the market to buy vegetables, some people choose to buy them. I agree with that. Because the vegetable that takes bug eye, explain to use medicaments quantity is little or it is the vegetable that does not harm, buy such vegetable still more at ease use. The cost of growing vegetables is also high. Seeds, fertilizer, water and daily management are adding to the cost. Therefore, when shopping for vegetables incorporate hong kong company, people in our city should give them as little attention as possible, respect and understand people's efforts and hard work.

What makes me most happy is that I feel very fulfilled and happy every day since I have had my rural life. When the seeds are planted in the ground, they are waiting for their day to come, enjoying the fruits of the vegetables and the freshest vegetables. Use oneself to plant leek to wrap a dumpling to eat, eat the feeling that arrives in the mouth, leek flavour is special thick, also special sweet, the feeling is all different. The cucumber that oneself plant, can be picked off from the shelf, with clear water blunt once, can rest assured eat go down, and cucumber flavour is special thick also, special delicious.

In particular, when the fruit trees are full of flowers, grapes, beans, cucumbers climb the shelves and there are several different colors of Chinese rose flowers. It can be said that flowers keep blooming and bright colors.

A yard full of fragrance of vegetables, butterflies, bees busy scene, it may take a few photos, using a mobile phone to show off a circle of friends, and share your own work achievement, it is also a part of my life.

Before planting a vegetable garden, most of the time it was in the house watching TV, playing with the phone or taking a walk outside. After having a garden, most of the time is spent in the yard, not watering, catching insects by hand, and cutting out roots. Tired take a stool, sit under the tree or under the grape tree, while enjoying my vegetable field, fruit trees, while enjoying the cool tea, this is the life I need. Sometimes it's too much to eat, and to share the fruits of labor with the neighbors. I have been praised by my neighbors and satisfied with my vanity. I also have a sense of achievement. Feeling planted is hope, harvest is love.

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