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Reading and traveling

Le 5 mars 2018, 03:53 dans Humeurs 0

For a while, I suddenly realized that I had not been traveling for a long time, but I had no desire to go. I asked a question: "I don't know why I can't find the place I want to go, and I don't want to go to the next place after I've been there once." Someone replied, "that's because there are no people or things that are worth your attention."

A man's inner poverty must be reflected in his external life, and the spread of flat space is useless Sage 300.

Do you know why Tibet is so sacred?

It's a legacy of religion, of faith, of culture. When I know why I go to thousands of miles away, I will understand, deeply attracted me is the local customs and natural scenery, also is the local culture, let I can go for miles.

Climbed over mountains, through the prairie, the waves, through the desert, experienced town, drink coffee, in the fashion metropolis in the buddhist kingdom devout prayer, turned to look at, can remember the place, is also the most strong culture places. Of course, every place has its unique charm, but many times we enter the eye but not the heart. It's just a walk. There are few places to enter the heart, just as we meet so many people in the great world, and love is one or two.

Today, when I am mature, I see the desire of our hearts, I just know, sitting on a small river also can hear the wind are quietly to Siberia, sitting in a tea house also can see the majestic mount Everest on the snow all the year round

But originally, we always look for our own heart master of social science.

Whether it's a journey, or a yearning for poetry or a moment in the distance, it's the desolation of the heart that makes us get up and look for it. One writer said that whenever she felt unable to write something, she would travel, and I deeply understood her search. Then I continued to read, roam in the ocean of knowledge, I saw a fly on the sea gulls, also smelled a clean of iceberg snow lotus, the long history of the long river, long time are full of life.

I will still travel, but instead of blindly going to a place, I will go where I want to go. As in our life, in many interactions, time is a sieve, leaving behind some people and things worth keeping hk serviced apartment. The power that comes from reading is our inner strength. "The purpose of the trip is to get home better." The home is the place to be. It is better to be with a good man than to talk with too many people.

It's the culture that moves us. Thoughts on the rich than go a long way, some people go a long way and they do not understand what you're looking for, read a place to go, harvest will be more meaningful than blindly to visit a lot. I remember going to the ancient city of phoenix, and I went for the prose of Mr. Shen congwen.

If you are tired, you can find a good book, know a place in the book, and then go out for a walk. If you don't have someone to miss, go home and eat three meals a day. In fact, whether at home or out, we are always on the road, watching the scenery, listening to the story.

At last one day it dawned on me that, after all, all the fresh clothes are angry, and they should go home and grow flowers.

Live in the moment and let life dance

Le 5 mars 2018, 03:17 dans Humeurs 0

Socrates once said that the most precious thing in the world is not "get" and "lost", but the happiness that can be grasped now. Sitting in our time, we often reflect on the past. Those who used to be happy and sweet, often make us laugh aloud. The tears and sweat of the past will also remind us of the hard times. But, in the past, it has become the bookmark of time, not in the notebook of our life. Being addicted to the past can only make us more frustrated. In the past, is "lost" years, we can't get to life again, all the joys and sorrows, and don't become a stumbling block to us, let us lose the opportunity to grasp the present.

Live in the moment and let life dance. The other side of the future, perhaps thorns all over, maybe flowers in full bloom, but we can not know after all. Tomorrow, only when we arrive, will we know whether it is light or not. On the other side, only if we go through, will we know if we are as good as we wish. There is nothing we can do about the unknown. The future is a time when it seems "unavailable". The future is exciting and needs to be built now. The road of life, can never turn back, every step, will lay the foundation for the future.

Only the present moment is in our hands. You treasure, time gives back to you sunshine rain. When you waste, time is given to you in the mud.

Stand on the steps of the past, seize the moment, and let life dance. Take up the empty time of the big, live out your wonderful life, and fight for your dreams. I know an elder, a pharmacist in a hospital, while working in a hospital and writing in his spare time. Articles are sent to newspapers and magazines across the country like snowflakes. Nearly 70 years ago, he fell in love with self-taught software programming and designed a set of data software for the hospital's pharmaceutical testing through his efforts. He said, I just love to play. This trick, let his life bloom the ordinary people can not arrive the wonderful.

The past, the glory or the lost, has been like the water in the river to the time that we cannot reach. In the future, in our journey of life, we need to step by step by step. Cherish the present time, live in the present, let life dance. To pursue the dream bravely, not to be discouraged, not to withdraw; Be a person who is full of sunshine, be kind to those around you, and warm yourself and others' hearts. Get close to the person who gives you the positive energy, and share the meaning of life with them.

Start with a custom-made panel

Le 1 février 2018, 08:10 dans Humeurs 0

Twenty years ago, in the fragrant season of osmanthus, I took my 3-year-old daughter and traveled all the way from gansu to xinjiang, where my feet were on this beautiful and mysterious land.
Time is like a fleeting time, in zhaosu 20 years, along the way, dribs and drags on the aftertaste...
I was a new comer, stunned by what I saw, the dirt road and the incomprehensible language... The enthusiasm is poured a basin of cold water, cool to the foot from the beginning, can you go wrong place serviced apartment Sheung Wan? Think of yourself leaving your loved ones and trekking to such a place that tears come down.
Fortunately, I was very much taken care of by my colleagues, not only for us to solve the food, but also for the POTS and pans. During the dinner time, the teachers were eager to take us to our home for dinner. The big dish chicken was my first meal in xinjiang, and the first bite of the meal was the first bite of my tears, and I felt the warmth of home.
Later in the day, the teachers took the order of the pot of oil, always in their power to provide me with care.
How do woodworking teacher husband, know our gansu people like to eat noodles, for I had a panel, for the first time in the above rolling surface, homesickness and moving the eyes wet, then roll out often ate together. Twenty years, that panel I still use, other kind. The feeling of parting gradually fades.
Now think about it myob accounting, I feel that I was a crying ghost.
Eid al-adha, colleagues meet to New Year, so I see the hospitable host had already waiting outside the yurt, for the first time I walked into the kazak herdsmen yurt, kang on the carpeted with a variety of food, pagoda like sanzi, spicy oil, sweet jam, candy, and dried fruit unknown... Everything. Hard-working hostess beside the stove to pour tea, pass us, each end up the shards of instant, fragrance pubi, sneakingly and tears fell down, towards the home feel here, I really don't want to leave!
When I fall in love with zhao su, also fell in love with the people here, to recognize the many ethnic minorities relatives, this is not,, palmer mother came to send information to the: "teacher, my daughter's birthday today, to house guest tonight". On the weekend home, the neighbor hui mother will always say: "the girl, come back, the yard leek long, quick to cut the dumplings"... I have that willo kazak relatives, each visit, the family is very happy, holding hands inquisition, I also is a member of the family, without hesitation on the kang table, waiting for the "special treatment".
Slowly, from the custom to the feeling, I have also integrated into this multi-ethnic family, drinking yak butter tea, jumping jauerdan, the most happy is a year over several years. "Nadam" the conference watched the breathtaking horse racing, wrestling, archery, singing and dancing. The fierce racehorse, the sheep, and the magnificent spectacle... All of them are inspiring and inspiring.
The beautiful scenery of zhaosu is natural master degree hong kong, and I am gradually absorbed in the beautiful scenery of zhaosu, and I can't wait to introduce it to the world.
Zhao su is green, the endless prairie as green blanket, all have their own charm in different season, the end of July is the most beautiful grassland, the most let a person find the scenery pleasing to both the, the grass shake in the breeze, tinkling flock of sheep in the grass, the wind and disease, and softer, swim deep lake, set off a blast of microwave, the sun shining little silver, and stamped with the blue sky blue water, blue sky with green grass, the glimmering pearls even water, just like in the heaven realm to navigate...
Zhaosu is golden. Known as "the hometown of Chinese rapeseed" the laudatory name of zhao su, a year before and after the end of June, as if overnight, millions of acres of green become yellow, like lines of golden woven carpet, sweeping through the vast grassland, and tianshan mutually reflect, as to the world of the rape, eyeful is golden yellow, I don't know is a dab hand woven garland, or woven golden carpet? The flowers are like brocade, beautiful and beautiful, not before time to look at the lofty peaks of tianshan mountains and the looming clouds, the road in the near place has been hidden in the golden flower world...
The beautiful scenery of zhaosu, how to describe the language? How does danqing paint? With the development of economy, the national support to the western region is more and more big, great changes have taken place here, the asphalt in the streets, the prosperous common people reside a room tidy, carried out the new rural construction, the huimin policy gradually implement... People are thriving, and I am more and more attached to this beautiful and soulful land.
The snow-capped mountains of snow purify my soul; The vastness of the vast grassland inspires my feelings; The ripples of the yili river, the green waves, my vulgar dust; The pines and cypresses on the tianshan mountain give me spirit and strength...
"Why do my eyes often contain tears? Because of my deep love for this land.

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